Encrypting Emails - A guide for small businesses

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Small Businesses need to protect their data and respond to the needs of the clients by being able to encrypt their emails. Funding this guide will help.

FLOSS Manuals hosts awide series of manuals on free and open source software at the website http://flossmanuals.net. FM is also a community. The core aim is to make it easy to maintain and contribute to manuals, text books, teaching materials by providing an easy to use interface for collaborating on the creation of texts about Free Software.

The F
LOSS Manual, "Encrypt your Email with GPG" is especially relevant just now. With revelations about mass surveillance breaking often and with increasing severity, and with several proprietary encryption systems reported to be broken, there is an unprecedented level of interest in Free Software encryption as the bulletproof alternative.
I have been an active community member of FLOSS Manuals for many years and I have writen, contributed to and maintained many manuals on citizen journalism and computer security. I've adapted other guides on the FM site to help ...
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