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Valentina is a unique tool for creating clothing patterns. It combines traditional patternmaking methods with new design capabilities and an easy-to-use interface to enable maximum user creativity.

The new economy of ethical and sustainable fashion needs open source tools that encourage creativity and enable transparent and ethical workflows. Valentina uses open data formats which are easily exchanged between designers and garment producers, and implements design features in an easy-to-use intuitive GUI using the latest design technologies.  The intended user for Valentina includes professional patternmakers, home sewists, cosplay enthusiasts, historical re-enacters and concept artists.

The Valentina team is multi-cultural and is composed of persons from Ukraine, Germany, and US.  All interested persons are invited to contribute to documentation, beta-testing the program, beta-testing patterns, and writing code.  The team believes in good documentation and open and transparent community involvement.

Valentina has support for multiple languages, and is available for Windows, MAC and Linux.